Insulation Accessories Selection Guide

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Mike FlavellMD & Founder - FM Insulation Services

Installation Hardware
The installation of insulation materials in real world situations requires a diverse range of hardware and accessories with a variety of finishes and sizes.

Insulating Cements
Insulating Cement and Plaster may used as an external insulating coating or to fill joints and insulate complex surfaces.

Grayling Avail Glovebags are designed to provide a low cost enclosure around pipes & equipment from which (usually asbestos) insulation needs to be removed. The use of Glovebags means that major isolation of work areas is not required.

Mastics & Sealants
Mastics are used as outer coatings over insulation and/or as sealants in the joints of insulation used in cold & cryogenic applications.

Banding and Seals
Our extensive range of insulation accessories compliments our insulation product range and includes Banding & seals, compression & expansion springs, banding machines, stainless steel tie wire and chicken wire.

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