Sealants, Mastics, Adhesives and Tapes

30-36 Sealfas 30-36 Sealfas
now available in an economical
4 litre container!

Mastics are used as outer coatings over insulation and/or as sealants in the joints of insulation used in cold & cryogenic applications. The choice of which mastic or sealant to use will be influenced by a number of factors including the type of insulation to be sealed or coated, the type of service being insulated, hot, cold, cryogenic, and local environmental conditions.
Mastic coatings are often reinforced with No 10 open weave glass cloth.

Spray-TAC adhesive was originally developed by Grayling to secure plastic sheeting together in the asbestos removal business. This product is now used extensively by laggers for on-site facing of insulation materials & preliminary fixing of insulation.

PPC Foil Tape
30-36 Sealfas
Available in 4 or 15 litre containers.
252 WB Water-Based Insulation Adhesive
15 litre container
Idenden 10-500 General Purpose Spray Adhesive
Venture Tape Foil Tape
30-90 Vapour-Safe
15 litre container
20 litre container
Silicone Sealant - Industrial Grade
Filament Tape - Two Way
30-45 Foamseal Vapour Sealant
15 litre container
Spray-Tac adhesive