March 2017

The new year seems to have started with a whimper rather than a bang. January and February were quite slow, but March seems to be getting back to a more normal activity level.

This continues to centre on commercial construction with industrial and manufacturing industry remaining slow.

At least, the slowdown in activity in January & February gave us the opportunity to get stock levels back up and hopefully we will not encounter any product shortages for the foreseeable future.

Having said that, the Lunar New Year celebrations in Asia did cause some disruption to supply. Those celebrations in China seem to get longer each year as the country gets wealthier.

NSW Government grants to upgrade insulation

This must be one of the least publicised government policies ever.

On the 20th January 2017 the NSW office of Environment & Heritage announced a series of grants providing up to $10,000.00 in matched funding for companies who generate steam for their processes using gas. Was I the only one who had this fly under their radar?

Sadly the claims close on 7th April 2017. I bet not too many people are aware of this scheme. If you need any more info on this, please contact me.

Black Faced Polyethylene SPI

Product Availability

We have added the following additional items to our standard stock holdings:

Black faced PE spi
We have increased our stocks of blackfoil faced PE and now hold copper sizes from 12.7mm odp to 63.5mm odp in stock all in 25mm thicknesses.

Small size f/f PE spi
We have noted a demand for smaller size f/f PE spi in 15mm thicknesses and so now stock 15mm thick f/fPE spi in copper sizes from 12.7mm odp to 101.6mm odp.

Website Screenshot

New Website

The observant among you will have noticed a recent change in our website.

Our latest site reflects our new corporate identity, but has also seen some other improvements. In particular, those of you who access the site with mobile phones will find it even easier to use and navigate.

The revised product selection guides for insulation as well as accessories should come in handy when tackling specific insulation applications.

And of course, it still features our extensive library of datasheets and technical notes.

Strange, Stanger and Downright Weird

What has been an industry bugbear for many years has now taken a totally weird turn. Many of you will know how controversial the fire rating of pipe penetrations has been over the years. Over this period it has always been accepted that at penetrations, combustible pipe insulation materials should be replaced with a certified non-combustible material.

It has always been accepted that this should be rockwool. There has then been discussion around how far the rockwool should continue along the pipe either side of the wall/slab. That the gap between the rockwool and the fire wall / slab should be sealed with a fire rated sealant has also been universally accepted.

Recently we have encountered cases of a foam type product with the prefix FR being specified at fire wall penetrations instead of rockwool. One example of this was at a very large public building interstate. It seems that some consultants / certifiers believe that the prefix / suffix "FR" means FIRE RATED. It doesn't it means FIRE RESISTANT.

The term FIRE RESISTANT is a rather meaningless term that has in the past even been used to describe paper products.